Louisiana Technology Solutions offers a full suite of professional IT Support Services for your small business

  • 24x7x365 Network Monitoring with our Network Health Dashboard. Just a few of the 57 Points we monitor around the clock…

      • If your last backup ran successfully
      • If your Antivirus application downloaded and installed the latest updates
      • If any important Windows Services have stopped
      • If anyone (whether it be a human being or automated bot… from inside the office or out) has made 5 or more unsuccessful attempts at logging into the network.
      • If the server’s processor or memory utilization is running near or at maximum
      • If your website is down
      • If your Internet line is down or if your server isn’t communicating properly with the Internet for any reason
      • If your Microsoft Exchange Server is generating any errors or if the message store is becoming too full
      • If any error or warning messages are being generated in the server System, Security, Application or DNS Logs
      • If the latest Service Packs or Security Patches have been applied properly
      • If you’re running low on hard disk space
      • If there are any hardware errors detected with any component of the server
      • And more…

  • Instant remote support for all users
  • 24×7 Instant email alerts on any errors
  • Daily / Weekly Network Health Status reports
  • Real-Time System Inventory Reporting – Accessible directly from the Network Monitoring Dashboard
  • On-line, real-time Support Ticketing System access
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Remote Backup Services
  • Internet Activity Monitoring
  • BlackBerry / iPhone Setup and Support
  • PC Specialist
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